Charity Fundraiser to Sparkle on Family Works


Hawke’s Bay is set to sparkle for one of the region’s vital child social support services – Family Works.

Presbyterian Support East Coast (PSESC) today announced Family Works would be the recipient of its annual charity fundraising event “Sparkle 2017” to be hosted on the grounds of principal sponsor Trinity Hill – May 20 2017.

The 250 tickets for black tie dinner and charity auction go on sale today.

Family Works, which is part the PESEC family of services, is helping break the growing cycle of violence, child abuse and neglect children and families are facing in Hawke’s Bay.

Family Works service manager Pam McCann said money raised would help fund social worker services in more of the region’s schools to meet increasing demand for children dealing and coping with family violence.

“Hawke’s Bay is the only region in New Zealand where family violence rates are increasing. Social workers in schools are having a positive impact as they are helping children with the strategies and professional support they and their families need.

“Next year Sparkle will give to one of the most deperately needed services in our region. We can make a huge impact by raising awareness and reaching children most in need with earlier intervention, working in with schools and alongside other community organisations,” she said.

Trinity Hill’s chief executive Michael Henley said, as the principal event sponsor and host, the winery was able to reach out into the community and help a very deserving cause, which provides essential social services to families and children throughout Hawke’s Bay.

Shirley Collins, Head of Marketing for PSEC and its services, said Sparkle’s success came from giving guests a Hawke’s Bay experience like no other along with adding an element of mystery surrounding all the finer details including the theme, entertainment and Master of Ceremonies

“Along with huge local support, Sparkle guests also come from outside of Hawke’s Bay which has turned the event into a great tourism driver for the region.

“Some of the region’s top chefs will donate their time and resources to designing and serving an exclusive menu of local food and wine matches.

“We are very proud of our sponsors who are happy to support and share the ‘Sparkle’ with all our deserving services, who recognise how important fundraising is for different causes each year,” Ms Collins said.

Tickets can be purchased from