A New Initiative Gets Flaxmere Students Eating Healthy


One of Hawke’s Bay’s largest growers has teamed up with Flaxmere College to help encourage students to eat healthier.

Bostock New Zealand has delivered fresh, organic apples to the school to use as part of its Kickstart Breakfast programme – a partnership between Sanitarium, Fonterra and the Government to get more students eating nutritious breakfasts.

Bostock New Zealand owner, John Bostock says he has always had a vision to teach as many families as he can about healthy eating and show them that tasty, wholesome food is better for them and is just as affordable as processed, fast food.

“We are a country that has major issues with poor diet, obesity and sugar, but we can change this by giving people opportunities to learn new, exciting and interesting ways to eat healthily. Education about healthy diet begins at a young age. We need to teach students so it sets them up for life.

“We hope we can make a positive difference by helping Flaxmere College to educate the students about healthy eating habits,” said Mr Bostock.

Flaxmere College Principal Louise Anaru says she is delighted that Bostock New Zealand could donate apples.

“We are always encouraging our students to eat nutritious food. They need to have good diets, which provide the strength and energy for maximum learning at school. It’s great to have local growers getting in behind us and donating apples.”

“We welcome any fresh produce, or other donations from growers, which we can contribute to our Kickstart Breakfast Programme.”

Flaxmere College student Judah Te Rangi has recently returned from a training programme with the New Zealand army at Waiouru and said one of the main areas they covered on the camp was nutrition.

“We’re regularly taught to eat nutritiously and the importance of eating 5 plus fruit and vegetables a day. It’s good to have fruit accessible so we can live healthier lives.”

Shannon Mitchell is a senior health student and says the initiative to bring apples into Flaxmere College will make a big difference to fellow students.

“This is an opportunity to educate students about eating healthily. Fruit provides the vitamins to keep our brains working. “

Te Arania Otene is a student prefect and says as leaders of the school she feels a responsibility to encourage students to eat well.

“Eating an apple instead of a pie is so much better to help our learning.”

As part of Bostock New Zealand’s aim to get more people eating healthier, it has significantly invested in a new purpose built organic kitchen where staff can enjoy subsidized, premium organic meals.

“We are strongly committed to the well-being of all our staff. By taking away the cost barrier, we hope we will start changing eating habits,” says Mr Bostock.

“We grow our own organic, premium produce and we are now using this in our organic kitchen. We need to ‘walk the walk’ and create a healthy ethos inside our company so everyone who works at Bostock New Zealand in Hastings can take this home to their families and show that ‘we are what we eat’ – that nutritious food creates a healthier lifestyle.”

Bostock New Zealand employs up to 600 people in the height of the season and staff are welcome to dine at the Bostock Organic Kitchen, where a top chef has been employed to dish up wholesome cooked meals for the masses – all of which are subsidized.