Leading In Home Childcare Provider Leads Way in Health and Safety


New Zealand’s leading in home childcare provider is leading the way when it comes to workplace safety.

PORSE in home childcare has successfully achieved the primary rating for ACC’s Workplace Safety Management Practices – one of two Childcare services in New Zealand to have achieved entry into the programme.

PORSE General Manager, Kerry Henderson, says passing ACC’s Workplace Safety Management Practices highlights PORSE as a safety-first organisation.

“It demonstrates our commitment to health and safety across all aspects of our business. People can be assured when they are with PORSE that we put safety first”.

The voluntary programme assesses businesses health and safety management practices against audit standards that provide a framework for building successful and sustainable health and safety practices.

ACC Relationship Manager Nathan Meo says the rating demonstrates PORSE’s commitment to the wellbeing of its employees, customers, suppliers and visitors.

“We want to support businesses to reduce the number of accidents and injuries in their workplaces. PORSE has met the audit standards and we look forward to helping them further achieve their health and safety objectives.

Mr Meo says meeting the ACC programme standards means the business also receives the financial benefits of a levy reduction.

Mrs Henderson says a lot of work and effort has gone into achieving the result.

“We are very proud to achieve the first rating. Achieving this milestone has been very important for us as we strongly believe in providing positive outcomes for children.

“It is very important that we have safe workplaces, safe Educators and safe homes.”

“Along with our outstanding Education Review Office reports and the Winner of the OhBaby best childcare in 2014, this provides us with another external stamp of excellence” says Mrs Henderson.