Sport Hawke’s Bay undertakes strategic review

Sport Hawke’s Bay is reaching out to sport clubs, schools and the wider community as it looks to develop its 2016 – 2025 strategy.

Sport Hawke’s Bay chief executive Mark Aspden said it was important to have involvement from the sport, education and health sectors in developing a plan that he hopes will make a “positive impact on the sporting landscape and on the health and wellbeing of Hawke’s Bay people”.

“Our role is to promote the many benefits of sport and recreation as well as support clubs and schools as they deliver sport. It’s important that we understand the changing needs of the community, so we are urging all our stakeholders to provide us with feedback.”

Mr Aspden said the consultation document covers a range of areas that the regional sports trust is presently charged with delivering, as well as exploring possible new areas that it could focus on.

“Sport Hawke’s Bay provides a range of support services to help clubs and schools deliver sport and from time to time we need to check if we’re meeting our community’s needs.”

The consultation document also aims to find out what are the most important issues facing the sport community such as increasing participation, quality of facilities and access to volunteers.

“We need to understand the issues they face which will then help us prioritise our support.”

Sport Hawke’s Bay will roll out a community get active campaign later in the year and before finalising the campaign, the feedback provided will help identify how the organisation can support more people getting active, and where the campaign should be targeted.

“We have some very average health statistics but before we launch into anything we need to understand where we are best to direct our efforts. Is it a particular age demographic, or a specific part of Hawke’s Bay that needs more focus.”

The 2016 – 2025 Strategic Plan Consultation document can be found on the Sport Hawke’s Bay website ( The consultation period is from 14th June – 14th July with a number of consultation meetings being held with various stakeholders over the coming month. Sport Hawke’s Bay will launch its new Strategic Plan in late 2016.